Card Machines For All Situations

Whether you need a fixed credit/debit card payment terminal, a portable card machine or a mobile card payment machine for on-the-go services, we’ve got you covered!  So whether you’re a shopkeeper, taxi driver or 24-hour locksmith, we can provide the right equipment to take payments faster.

All our card machines are enabled to take contactless, Apple Pay and Android Pay payments, so you’ll never be left behind. And, because we understand that cash flow is absolutely crucial to your business, in most cases we can offer Next Day Settlement to ensure that you have faster access to your hard-earned profits.

How we work

  • 1. The Initial Consultation

    Get in touch with us to arrange a suitable day and time for a payments consultant to meet with you and discuss your requirements. Face-to-face is always best, but we can discuss on the phone or via video chat if preferred.

  • 2. Merchant Account Statement Analysis

    If you already take card payments, our payments consultant will perform a thorough review of your existing merchant account statement.  We can typically reduce your overall monthly cost by an average of 20% – 30%.

  • 3. Receive A Written Offer

    Once we have discussed your needs and analysed your merchant account statement, we will tailor a transparent package based on your requirements, to save you time and money.  Once happy with the offer, you can sign the document.

  • 4. Equipment Delivery & Setup

    Once you sign your agreement and your application has been approved, your new Card Payment Terminal will be sent out to you.  Your account manager will install and setup the device for you.  Simple as that!

  • 5. Delighted with our service and fees? Recommend Us!

    Once you’re completely satisfied with your rates and our personal approach to service, the one thing we will always ask you to do is spread the good word. Referrals and top-rated reviews help us more than you know.